Although the term photography started in the 19th century, with Greek mathematicians making pinhole cameras from the 4th century BCE, the history of photography is full of important innovations, from the oldest photograph in the world to the first photo sent to Instagram.

the most oldest photo in history

The world's first photo or at least the oldest surviving photo - View from the Window at Le Gras - Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (wikipedia)
The first photograph in the world, or at least the oldest one that survived, was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826. The photo was taken from a window on the upper floor of Niépce’s estate in Burgundy. It is part of the permanent collection of the University of Texas-Austin.

THE First self-portrait (selfie)

World first selfie - Robert Cornelius (Wikipedia)

We can get used to and know what a selfie is, but it is the 1839 photo by Robert Cornelius that indicates to be the first self-portrait. Taken in Philadelphia, Cornelius sat for just over a minute to get the selfie.

OLDEST Photo of the Sun

First photo of the sun - Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault (Petapixel)
Just five years after the first photo of the moon, physicists Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault took the first photo of the sun in April 1845. In the photo, it is possible to observe sunspots.


First aerial photo - James Walllace Black (Petapixel)
The first aerial photograph was not taken by drone, but from a hot air balloon in 1860 by photographer James Wallace Black. This aerial photograph depicts the city of Boston at 2,000 feet above sea level. The photographer titled his work “Boston, as the Eagle and the Wild Goose see it”.

The First Colored Photo

First colored photo - James Clerk Maxwell (Wikipedia)
The first color photograph was taken by mathematician physicist James Clerk Maxwell. It is considered the first color photograph and was developed by Maxwell in a lecture in 1861. For those who have difficulties in perceiving the photo, it is a three-color arch.

The First Colored Landscape Photo

First colored landscape photo - Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron (Wikipedia)
The first color landscape was taken in 1877 by photographer Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron. The photograph depicts the south of France and is appropriately titled “Landscape of the South of France”.

First Color Underwater Photo

First colored underwater photo - Charles Martin and William Longley (Petapixel)
In 1926, the National Geographic photographer Charles Martin and botanist William Longley took the first underwater color photograph. The photo shows a pigfish.


First photo from space (Wikipedia)
The first photograph of space was taken by the V-2 # 3 rocket, launched in October 1946. The photo shows the Earth in black and white at an altitude of 104.60736km.
The photographer Carol Popp de Szathmari took this photo while standing with French defenders and it is this 1870 photo from the Crimean War that is thought to be the first war photograph. It shows a line of Prussian troops advancing.


First digital photo - Russel Kirsch's
The first digital photo was taken almost 20 years before the Kodak digital camera more precisely in 1957. This photo is of Russell Kirsch’s son.

The first photo on instagram

First photo on instagram - Kevin Systrom (MyModernMet)
In July 2010, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom uploaded the first photo to Instagram. The first Instagram photo shows Systrom’s dog sitting in a tent in Mexico.
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