Contact - Cicero Castro

If you reach this page, I’ll assume you reviewed some of my work and liked my style because different photographers not only have different personalities, but also have unique shooting and editing process.

So I listed 4 reasons why you should hire me as your photographer.

Passion – Photography is not just a job for me. I don’t do it because I need to. I’m a photographer because I love the art of it, and I love the challenge of composing and creating great photos.

Skill – I spent time learning the craft of photography, how to handle the camera in different lighting situations. The business I run isn’t something I just started after getting a nice camera and being lucky with getting a few good pictures. I studied, I experimented and I continuously do. I believe photographers should always make time to invest in knowledge.

Planning – I take time to listen my clients, their needs, desires and concerns, so that I may take photographs that my clients will cherish for generations.

Approach – I approach each photoshoot planning, researching, and scouting the local if possible. This process is applied from start to finish ensuring a high level of professionalism to your images.