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Photo library by Cícero Castro who maintain a consistent style, image quality and capture using the latest professional equipment to date of the images.
All images are licensed for editorial usage only as standard, but some images where model or property releases are not required can be licensed for commercial usage.

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More Stock Photo Collections

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The correct use of photos

Creativity does not come for free, so there are no free images at and no Creative Commons licenses, but the prices are fair. With royalty-free license you can serve almost all commercial and editorial purposes: Advertising, websites, products, promotion, press articles or even everything at once. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you buy the photos, as a violation of the license terms can have consequences.

Sensitive content

For sensitive topics, such as religion, sex, politics, medication, tobacco and alcohol, an additional charge and a special permission is required to use the images. A request by e-mail is sufficient, then we will give you permission.

Proof of Copyright

It’s obligatory to mention the source of the image consisting of the name of the author and the website. This obligation can be opted out by purchasing the corresponding extra license.